19 May 2016

about me !

HYE!! My name is Nur Alia Diyana Bt Jamaludin !
i was born on 1 february 1994 which means i'm 22 years old now !

I am 3rd year student of major in Biology In universiti Putra Malaysia ! 
So, next year im going to graduated soon!
But still i want to further my studies for master and Phd insyaAllah . This because i love stdying rather than working . 
Actually I really interested to study in drugs and became one of the drug's expert one day .

my favourite colours is purple and pink for sure !

I love outdoor activites ! i love playing basketball , jogging especially at Bukit Ekspo .

This is my family, im 3rd child to my mother and father .i have 1 brother and 3 sister.

This is not my complete family, missing picture of my brother and sister.

me , Abah and Mama 

As i have grown up till 22 years old, i have learn a lots of things. Most of all is to become an independent person. I'm doing part time work at Paddington House of Pancake in ampang during weekend.I have gained a lot of experienced as became a part time worker.

  Here are my mate at Paddington House Of Pancake.

I hope i will success in my life and achieve my goals as a successfull woman and have a good future ahead ! i'll make sure each of my day will become a happy moment of my life. we should enjoy and just follow the flow . This is because we only live once ! 

Bye ! thats all short detail about myself